The Calusarilor House

Căsuța Călușarilor

Casuta Calusarilor

The house is equipped with 3 double rooms and all of them are provided with individual bathroom with shower, hair dryer, bath gown, LCD TV, cable channels, telephone, minibar, AC, and Wi-Fi.

Its name is inspired from Romanian tradion, ‘’calus’’ being a popular dance associated with a spring purity rite. This house is the perfect choice for those who like tradition and for those who are craving for quiet moments in the middle of the nature. The house blends natural elements, offers silent moments and peaceful view. Its sweet simplicity which reminds you of childhood and of precious moments is the key element of the house. Casuta Calusarilor is a proof that the architecture and nature can perfectly combine themselves in order to create a serene atmosphere.

Prices: 270 lei / double room (from Sunday to Thursday)
390 lei / double room (from Friday to Saturday)

Entire house can be booked for 730 lei (from Sunday to Thursday) and 1050 lei (from Friday to Saturday)

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