Candle Massage (for her) + Magnesium Oil Massage (for him)

50 min – 240 lei

* A special pampering created for women, created by the magic of a massage candle melting in a warm, precious, aromatherapeutic elixir, for a delicate softness and relief of skin and spirit. Ingredients with precious cosmetic ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and mango butter relieve strained muscles and joints, soothe sensitive skin, give you energy balance and give you a great sense of fulfillment.

* A relaxing massage enhanced by the powerful therapeutic effects of magnesium oil. Named the relaxation minerals, it is an alkalinizer for the body, reduces oxidative stress and strengthens the immune system, optimizes osmotic metabolism and softens the skin, improves the flexibility of the muscles, tendons and ligaments and has a calming and neutralizing effect on negative emotions.

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